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25 CBD Experts & CBD Enthusiasts Reveal What Consumers Should Know About Full Spectrum CBD

Cannabis plants contain more than 100 active compounds, with CBD and THC being the most well-known. There are several types of CBD, including full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate. CBD isolate is the purest form, with these products made from CBD that has been extracted from hemp plants with the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids removed. In contrast, full spectrum CBD still contains all the other compounds found in the hemp plant.

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Arizona Medical Marijuana Physicians Association Established to Self-Regulate Medical Marijuana Certification Providers

Scottsdale, AZ. In direct response to the many concerns expressed about potential “certification mills” for medical marijuana, Dr. Elaine Burns, NMD, and a group of her fellow physicians have founded the Arizona Medical Marijuana Physicians Association. The Association’s primary mission is to provide self-regulation among providers who are committed to assuring the highest standards within the state’s new and growing medical marijuana community.

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Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center Educates Patients, Establishes Support Group

Scottsdale, AZ. One very significant point is often lost in all the concern about how to implement Arizona’s new medical marijuana law. The law was put into place to help people with medical conditions that can benefit from marijuana. To help those patients learn how to safely and legally use the medication, many for the first time, Dr. Elaine Burns at Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center has established the Open Heart Compassion Support Group and has introduced an educational program covering topics such as cultivation and edible marijuana.

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New Cannabis-infused Product Line

Scottsdale, Arizona. Medical marijuana patients often encounter a gap between what they are prescribed at their certification and availability of the recommended medications when they visit the dispensary. With the recent introduction of a new physician-formulated line of cannabis-infused products, Dr. Elaine Burns, Medical Director of Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center, located in Scottsdale at 8010 E. McDowell Road, Suite 105, has addressed that gap.

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Dr. Elaine Burns Appt to AZ PAC Board

Scottsdale, Arizona. Arizona’s medical marijuana industry recently took yet another big stride forward. On June 1, 2017, Dr. Elaine Burns, Medical Director of Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center, located in Scottsdale at 8010 E. McDowell Road, Suite 105, stepped into a board position with the Executive Board of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act Political Action Committee (AMMA PAC)

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Authority Magazine Interview with Dr. Burns

“There is just one fundamental thing: Understand and know the federal and state laws. Some people getting into the industry have no idea that even something as simple as banking and merchant services will not be available or, at the very least, challenging. Something every buyer should know is that this industry draws in a lot of people who want to get rich quickly. The Green Rush brings a high risk of integrity issues; Be cautious.”

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Arizona Medical Marijuana Physicians Association Issues Call to Action

Scottsdale, AZ. Confusion over the conflict between Arizona’s medical marijuana law and federal law which outlaws cultivation, sale or use of marijuana runs rampant. Lawsuits have been filed. Growers and sellers have been warned of the potential for prosecution. Meanwhile, patients who can benefit from the medication are caught in the middle. Committed to their patients’ wellbeing, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Physicians Association is calling on patients and the general public to place pressure for legalization where it belongs – Washington D.C.

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Elaine Burns, Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center Introduces Mobile Doctors Unit

Phoenix, Arizona. With medical marijuana dispensaries finally selected and soon to open, increasing numbers of patients around Arizona will need better access to doctors who are able to evaluate their need for the medication. Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center will be introducing its Mobile Doctors service on August 31 to serve that need. The Mobile Doctors unit will provide on-location evaluations in under-served areas of the state as well as at selected dispensaries. It will be the first service of its kind in Arizona.

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