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Dr. Elaine Burns Appt to AZ PAC Board

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Dr. Elaine Burns Appointed to Arizona Medical Marijuana Act PAC Executive Board

Scottsdale, Arizona. Arizona’s medical marijuana industry recently took yet another big stride forward. On June 1, 2017, Dr. Elaine Burns, Medical Director of Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center, located in Scottsdale at 8010 E. McDowell Road, Suite 105, stepped into a board position with the Executive Board of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act Political Action Committee (AMMA PAC).  Dr. Burns is widely recognized as one of Arizona’s leading advocates of ethical, legal prescription of cannabis as a therapeutic medication. With this appointment, she becomes a voice for medical marijuana patients at the legislative level.

Historically, cannabis has been branded with the stamp of an illegal recreational drug. It is only in relatively recent years that its therapeutic value has been widely recognized and accepted. Unfortunately, the line between recreational and therapeutic marijuana has been blurred in society’s eyes and medical marijuana has been judged through the glasses of recreational marijuana. But medical marijuana is no Maui Wowie. It has genuine, powerfully effective therapeutic applications, often without the “high” of its recreational cousins.

This new board position gives Dr. Burns a voice to help steer the progression of marijuana in Arizona from historically recreational, and illegal, uses to therapeutic and legal uses as a highly effective medication. AMMA PAC places her in a position to continue what she has done since the inception of the medical marijuana act in Arizona – educate and advocate for the patients who so desperately need the medication. And now, in keeping with her personal goal of setting the highest professional standards for the medical marijuana industry, she will be able to do that at the state level with policymakers who can make a difference.

AMMA PAC, an advocacy program for medical marijuana patients, was founded in January 2017. It is a Patients First organization that is seeking to deliver greater access to certification to legally purchase and possess medicinal Cannabis. Their organization works closely with patients, dispensaries, ancillary services and products to ensure all points of view are adequately represented at Arizona’s legislature. In support of the organization’s goals, Dr. Burns contributes a portion of Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center’s every fee to AMMA PAC.

Dr. Burns, an Arizona-licensed and board-certified Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD), is the founder and Medical Director of the Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center.  She has been instrumental in building an ethical, highly professional medical marijuana industry in Arizona since 2011. As the state’s first Certified Expert in Cannabis Medicine, Dr.  Burns has been integral in setting professional standards within Arizona’s medical marijuana community for over 15 years. Those standards have become a hallmark of the treatment patients can expect at the top rated Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center.

Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center has been advocating for and educating patients in the Phoenix metropolitan area since 2011. In addition to a Mobile Unit that travels around the state, Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center is located in north Phoenix at 12620 N. Cave Creek Road, Suite 7, in south Scottsdale at 8010 E. McDowell Road, Suite 105 and in Avondale at 10320 W. McDowell Rd, Suite B2006. For further information, contact Dr. Elaine Burns at 480-656-2119 or email her directly at [email protected].

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