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Arizona Medical Marijuana Physicians Association Established to Self-Regulate Medical Marijuana Certification Providers

Scottsdale, AZ. In direct response to the many concerns expressed about potential “certification mills” for medical marijuana, Dr. Elaine Burns, NMD, and a group of her fellow physicians have founded the Arizona Medical Marijuana Physicians Association. The Association’s primary mission is to provide self-regulation among providers who are committed to assuring the highest standards within the state’s new and growing medical marijuana community.

“Patients in the State of Arizona have been given a great privilege by having access to the remarkable medical benefits of marijuana,” said Dr. Burns. “Our concern is that so-called certification mills would endanger that privilege. Thus, we founded the Association to protect it by establishing best practices and procedures that prescribing doctors can follow to assure they are following state-mandated rules.”

On a professional level, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Physicians Association has placed its members above those who operate on the margins of the law, those who could threaten the existence of this valuable resource for patients. The Association is open to Allopathic (MD), Osteopathic (DO), Homeopathic [MD(H) or DO(H)], and Naturopathic [MD(N) or NMD] physicians who have not only been mandated by the state to certify patients for medical marijuana, but who have also demonstrated a commitment to establishing practices dedicated to building long-term relationships with their patients. Even with the industry in its infancy, many grateful patients have already thanked their physicians for their professionalism, their compassion and their willingness to step forward and help them with this valuable treatment option.

Member physicians are adamant that they are not part of a certification mill. Rather, they are compassionate professionals who understand the medical benefits of marijuana and are willing to take the risks associated with making recommendations. They go beyond simply signing a recommendation form by building long-term medical relationships. Most provide a variety of pain management treatments such as acupuncture and non-steroidal injections.

“Our goal,” said Dr. Burns “is to set a high standard for quality treatment and commitment to our patients. After all, at the end of the day, it is all about the patient and the medical benefits the plant can provide. The Association is designed to make sure they can have those benefits for a long time to come.” For further information about the Arizona Medical Marijuana Physician’s Association, contact Dr. Elaine Burns at 480-656-2119, [email protected]

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