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Medical Marijuana Certification in Sun City

Licensed medical marijuana doctors are ready to consider your condition for the application of your medical marijuana card. The registered voters of Arizona have spoken. The legal use of medical marijuana has been approved. Medical marijuana in the hands of responsible people who are suffering from physical ailments is a sane option. It’s use has benefits for those who suffer from cancer to those suffering from chronic pain. The terminal and the ailing can no longer be denied relief. We can help.At this time the only method available for applying to the state for the medical cards is electronic. Currently, a doctor’s letter of recommendation is required along with other documents in electronic form. Once you are approved by one of our doctors, we have a patient coordinator that can walk you through the entire process right in our office.


Qualifying Conditions

Did you know that severe or chronic pain and even severe nausea are qualifying conditions for your medical marijuana card? If you have tried other options, it’s time to consider the help you may very well need. Bring us your proof of residency, and if you have access to your medical records or just want us to request them directly from your doctor, we can begin the process of qualification right away. It’s that easy!

If your medical condition has been documented with a medical doctor for the last 12 months or more, qualification is a snap. It may be that your condition has been only recently discovered. If that is the case, you will be contacted directly for more details on your qualification status provided that you fill out our contact form. You can expect confidentiality and respectful treatment throughout our process. Our job is to facilitate the qualification for a Medical Marijuana card by attaching our physician’s exam results and certification forms.

Your detailed treatment plan awaits. Which makes us…a friend indeed!

The first step is to complete the on-line prequalification form. Step 2, if qualified is to schedule an appointment. At your appointment your physician will review your medial history, discuss your current treatment plan along with the pros and cons of the use of medicinal marijuana. Where appropriate, other treatment options such as acupuncture or prolotherapy will be discussed.

Improving the quality of life for every patient.

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