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Medical Marijuana Certification in Peoria

The laws in Arizona have changed for those seeking alternative methods of alleviating illness and the side effects of certain medical treatment courses for major illnesses. No longer must you suffer in quiet desperation. We are here to help. We evaluate patients to see if medical marijuana is right for them. We are proud to be one of the first doctor’s offices providing these services. We expect a large surge of requests after the medical marijuana dispensaries become more and more prevalent. Our office is the one closest to Peoria that provides Arizona residents with this kind of specific service.At this time the only method available for applying to the state for the medical cards is electronic. Currently, a doctor’s letter of recommendation is required along with other documents in electronic form. Once you are approved by one of our doctors, we have a patient coordinator that can walk you through the entire process right in our office.

Improving the quality of life for every patient.

For those of you that are taking the ‘wait & see’ tactic, we understand your reticence and believe that you are intelligent people who want to see how other brave pioneers are treated prior to enrolling themselves in a venture such as this. California saw the same initial trickle of consumers who were willing to assign themselves a medical use card with the proper agencies. Once the dispensaries began to offer a tangible product, the influx of petitioners for medical cards were overwhelming the system and created a major backlog in the issuing of medical use cards. Don’t let this happen to you! Act now and have your legal medical marijuana card ready at your disposal when dispensaries open in Peoria.

The first step is to complete the on-line prequalification form. Step 2, if qualified is to schedule an appointment. At your appointment your physician will review your medial history, discuss your current treatment plan along with the pros and cons of the use of medicinal marijuana. Where appropriate, other treatment options such as acupuncture or prolotherapy will be discussed.

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