Alternative Pain Management

List of Pain Management Services

BIOPUNCTURE: $75/treatment area

Biopuncture is an injection therapy that is minimally invasive. It involves injecting highly dilute (usually plant or mineral) substances into or around the area that is painful, along with some injections in acupuncture points or along the meridians associated with the pain. These injections are done with very small needles and are usually just below the surface of the skin. Sometimes sterile saline solution, vitamin B12, or Procaine are added to the mixture.

Biopuncture is not just used for treating pain, it helps reduce inflammation and facilitate healing. We have treated cases of back pain due to disc injury that resolved significantly, reversing the inflammation and eliminating the need for pain medication.It is not limited to pain - for example, we have treated a case of cellulitis with biopuncture that resolved in a matter of hours, which is nothing short of miraculous. It is also helpful in chronic sinusitis, post stroke states, post brain trauma, gallbladder dysfunction, headaches, TMJ, gastrointestinal pain, menstrual pain,and many more types of pain. It often is complemented well by chiropractic treatment, massage, and physical therapy.

A typical treatment takes about 10 minutes, and the number of treatments you will need varies according to your condition. Treatments are typically once weekly for 3-6 weeks. For severe or acute pain, we may recommend more frequent treatments until we see results.You should notice improvement after the first treatment, sometimes by the time the treatment is complete!


A Medically supervised program that assists patients with eliminating / reducing their use of traditional pain meds and thus, the level of harm associated with these drugs. The core program components include biweekly doctor visits, urinary analysis (UA's) and group counseling for the first 3 months and then monthly thereafter if appropriate. The group counseling will focus on harm reduction techniques and addiction/dependency issues along with learning general pain management coping skills.

A prescreening is required prior to acceptance into the program.

Startup Fee: $295
Appointment Fees: $150 (includes counseling and UA's)

Improving the quality of life for every patient.