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New Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center Bridges Gap between Dispensary and Qualified Patients

Scottsdale, AZ.  Since the passage of Arizona’s new law legalizing medical marijuana, many businesses across the state have been laying the groundwork needed to be selected as one of the few allowed to open a dispensary.  Equally important, however, is the need for doctors who will evaluate patients and issue an Assigned Physician’s Certificate that can, after the law is implemented, be presented to the state to obtain a medical marijuana card.  Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center, which is expected to open in Scottsdale at 8010 E. McDowell Road, Suite 105 by April 1, 2011, was conceived to satisfy that need.  It will bridge the gap between the dispensaries (which are prohibited from writing prescriptions) and qualified patients who must have a legal prescription to purchase the drug.

Use of medical marijuana to ease the symptoms of conditions such as cancer, glaucoma, or chronic pain is clearly a hot issue.  Thus, many physicians are reluctant to prescribe the drug for patients, even when its medical benefits are recognized by the medical community.  But finding another doctor can be a daunting proposition, especially for someone who is already dealing with a chronic illness.   Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center, with a medical director and physicians on staff, will provide a confidential, professional option for individuals who have no insurance, who prefer an independent doctor, who have no treating physician, or whose attending doctor prefers not writing prescriptions for the drug.  The Center will coordinate with a patient’s treating physician, if needed, but will also provide independent medical services, including:  medical evaluations of a patient’s need for medical marijuana based on physical examination or a review of existing medical records, ongoing alternative care for qualifying conditions, and a full array of naturopathic medical services such as acupuncture, pain management via prolotherapy and non-steroidal injections, and nutritional counseling.

Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center is currently pre-screening patients who provide existing medical records for review.  Instructions are available on the Center’s website at  Those who are uninsured or have no attending physician must have an evaluation and diagnosis which can be provided by the Center’s doctors after it opens.  After diagnosis, those patients will especially benefit from a doctor-patient relationship that provides on-going care for their qualifying condition. 

Recognizing that, for many individuals, medical marijuana represents an entirely new aspect of medical treatment, Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center plans to make community education a key component of its operation.  The Center is currently planning classes in such areas as the legalities of medical marijuana, legal cultivation of the plant for medical use, and cooking with edible marijuana.

“Medical marijuana’s benefits can be exceptional, but it must be prescribed carefully and within the boundaries of the law,” said Kris Apsley, a member of Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center LLC.  “We want to make sure it only ends up in the hands of patients who are legally qualified to have it.  You can be sure our doctors, who are trained and highly knowledgeable of which conditions can benefit from using medical marijuana, will be rigorous in every evaluation. ”

For further information about Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center, visit the web site at, or email Kris Apsley at

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